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Kelly Madsen South African Hockey Player performs with Maxed

Kelly’s a Hero

Meet Kelly Madsen – a third generation Springbok and SA´s Olympic hopeful!

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Free State Stars | mrpsport.com

Stars consolidate place above relegation zone

Robert Sankara scored the only goal of an important PSL clash as Free State Stars claimed a valuable 1-0 win over Ajax Cape Town at Goble Park Stadium on Tuesday night.

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Healthy Eating

Back to School, Back to Healthy Lunches | mrpsport.com

Back To School, Back To Awesome Lunches

There’s nothing wrong with lunchbox classics like peanut butter & jam sarmies, or cheese and tomato, but every now and then, your little genius in-the-making could do with a delicious Read More

Workout Wednesday

Mans Best Workout Buddy, Shop Online Now | mrpsport.com

Dogs Are A Man’s Best Workout Buddy

Besides being super-loyal, and adoring you unconditionally, dogs are also a great workout buddy

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Get Motivated To Move. Shop Online Now | mrpsport.com

Get motivated. Get moving. With Maxed active gear.

Made for the movers and the shakers. The game changers and the record breakers. It’s made for every beginner and every champion. Get motivated. Get moving. With Maxed active gear. Exclusive to MRP Sport.

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Mens Trail Tech 3-In-1 Dual Layer Jacket. Shop Online Now | mrpsport.com

The 3-in-1 Dual Layer Jacket

Your guide to taking on the toughest of temperatures: Layer up for adventure with 3-in-1 Dual Layer Trail Jacket

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