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Sweat is Good: An Education on Perspiration

Just like eating, sleeping and never passing up seconds, sweating is a natural part of life. We do it when we’re active and even when we’re inactive (thanks to emotions Read More


Keeping Warm When Camping In Winter

Snuggling up close to loved ones, beautiful skies, not having to evacuate your tent in the morning because it feels like you woke up on the surface of the sun. Read More

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The Seven Habits of Fitness Fundis

Unless you’re trying to take more strolls through nature, breaking and making new habits is no walk in the park. To make things ever so trickier, we often have to Read More

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A Workout With a View: Hiking For Exercise | mrpsport.com

A Workout With a View: Hiking For Exercise

Before humans shopped for their meals, we had to hike and hunt for them. But these days, the closest many of us get to hiking is walking around shopping malls – so we’ve forgotten how to get the most out of a good, long walk. Here’s how to maximise your next hike, and discover the benefits of a walk in the woods.

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