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MRP Sport Hero - Morne Van Wyk

Dolphins draw despite Van Wyk

Despite an impressive century from MRP Sport Hero Morne van Wyk, the Dolphins had to settle for a draw against the Knights in their Sunfoil Series clash at Kingsmead this past weekend.

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Final countdown begins for SA hockey men

Final countdown begins for SA hockey men

The South Africa men’s hockey team have been hard at work since February 19 in Cape Town as the group builds towards the World League Round 2 tournament that takes place at Hartleyvale in Cape Town from March 7 to 15.

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Healthy Eating

4 Ingredient Chocolate Pudding

Healthy 4-Ingredient Vegan Chocolate Pudding

Not only is this delicious recipe super-healthy, and dairy- and gluten-free – it’s really easy too.

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Workout Wednesday

The Anywhere Anytime Workout | mrpsport.com

The Anywhere Anytime Workout

We hate to say it, but the days are getting shorter and the nights are just a tad longer. Yip. Winter is around the corner. And you know what they say about winter: it’s the season that summer bodies are made in.

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Maxed Elite X-Cam video camera

Maxed Elite X-Cam

This little champ of a camera is compact, lightweight, hands-free, and is designed to capture every adventure. With optional mounting accessories, you can shoot your biking route, capture those insane sky-dive and bungee free-falls, or record your surf.

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Prodigal Khumalo | Mr Price Sport

The Story of the Maxed Elite Racer: Prodigal Khumalo

The Story of the Maxed Elite Racer. Mr Price Sport Maxed Elite Team Athlete, Prodigal Khumalo.

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