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15 Minute Sequences Part 1:1

Whether you’re feeling like a burnt stick of incense or would simply like to keep your chakras in check, our 3 part package of 15 minute calming, energising and strengthening Read More


Information on Yoga

It can be daunting to try out a new activity, especially when it involves names such as “corpse pose” and moves that will put your body parts into positions that Read More

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The Seven Habits of Fitness Fundis

Unless you’re trying to take more strolls through nature, breaking and making new habits is no walk in the park. To make things ever so trickier, we often have to Read More

Workout Wednesday

Rock Climbing Game, Shop Online Now | mrpsport.com

Must-Do Moves To Up Your Rock Climbing Game

Power up your rock climbing skills by adding these moves to your workout!

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