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well i am challenger, Tasneem, is a sterling example of how healthy change can transform your life – well done! This is her story:


Before I started on the well i am journey, I was fighting a battle against PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome). I was struggling with weight loss and trying to start a family, and was advised by so many to change my lifestyle. I knew I needed to start exercising and change my eating habits, but it was so much easier said than done! I was a whirlwind of emotions. I knew what needed to be done, but it was a hurdle I did not know how to start climbing.


I had tried many diets, medications and forms of exercise, but when you do not see results immediately it can make one feel despondent. I then came across the well i am challenge via social media (Facebook). I read what the challenge was about, and took a chance to enter – not knowing this journey would forever change my life. I was determined to win the challenge, especially after featuring on the Expresso Show; I cleaned out the grocery cupboards, went shopping for healthy foods, took out my training shoes and ensured my gym bag was packed every night for the following day.


It was very hard in the beginning, trying to manage the routine and adjust to the eating plan, but after two weeks I was in it to win it! I prepacked my lunch bag and ensured I cooked a healthy balanced meal every evening. What made it easier was that my husband had joined me on the challenge and we kept motivating one another each step of the way. Seeing the results each week made it so much easier to continue – changes in the way your clothes fit, the compliments from colleagues, family and friends, as well as how different one looks in photos. It was such an amazing feeling.


I felt so much more confident and positive. I actually felt like getting up, dressing up and embracing each day. Just before the last month of the challenge started, I began to feel rather faint after training. I started to crave certain foods, foods which I had cut out of my diet (the bad ones).


A friend had asked if I was perhaps not pregnant. I laughed and answered that there was no way. That was the last thing I had expected. I had struggled for years and the chances were slim to none. She encouraged me to take a test, and I was very reluctant. I did not want to feel the sadness and heartbreak which I felt every time I had taken a test over the last few years. I did not want to have to give my husband false hopes and then disappointing news.


Then one night on the way home, I bought the test. I did not tell anyone. The next morning, before I hit the gym. I took it. To my surprise there were two lines. Two!


I did not know if I was seeing things; was I perhaps still half asleep? I literally washed my face and checked again. There were definitely two lines. I called my husband immediately – he was working away at the time. He thought I was joking, and asked for me to send him a picture. He confirmed there were two lines, but advised to take another test. I went to work that day and later that morning I bought another test. That was positive too. I did not know how to feel, I was so happy, excited and also scared – what if the tests were wrong? I booked a visit with my doctor the same day, and went for a blood test. The wait was agonising – but within 24-48 hours, the doctor confirmed I was already 5 weeks pregnant.


Finally – my dream of starting a family and becoming a mother was becoming a reality. I had finally reversed the PCOS. I did what seemed – to me – to be impossible.


I would like to thank the well i am manager and team for affording me this opportunity to take part in this life-changing journey. It was a hard one – I will not lie. But the lifestyle change works miracles. If it was not for this journey, I am not sure I would have ever started. I might not have won the ‘big prize’, but the prize I have is something I can never put a value to. It’s priceless, a little miracle. And I intend to show the little one mommy’s TV debut and how ‘well i am’ changed my life.


Perhaps I will enter the next challenge after the baby is born, you never know!


To the women out there who find themselves in my position, battling with PCOS – do not give up. There is hope. All you need to do is make the sacrifice and change your lifestyle. It is possible. If I can do it, I know you can too.



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