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Winter Training Tips | Part 1

Get Motivated

Many people use winter as an excuse to cover up and put on a little extra weight. People tend to wear a few more layers of clothing to keep warm and cover up, but I see it as the opposite! I suggest you use it as a time to really get stuck into your training and clean up your eating so that you can reveal all your hard work and dedication come summer time.

I really think it is imperative that you set goals as this will give you motivation and purpose for your workouts. I would suggest writing a few goals down to help keep you motivated and keep you accountable as it generally is a little more difficult to get out of your nice cozy warm bed in winter times. Set short term, realistic, attainable goals that you are able to achieve as this will help keep you motivated and keep you on track.

I find that most people need an extra little “push” to get them going in Winter time. I would suggest placing a picture of where you would ideally like to be / look like somewhere where you can see it so that when the time comes for you needing the motivation, you don’t need to look too far.

Mental Fitness

I firmly believe that mental fitness is just as important as physical fitness. Don’t set yourself up for disappointment this winter. Find something that you love doing and stick with it. Pick an adventurous activity you’ve always dreamed of; like skiing, climbing or hiking a mountain. Make a booking so that your workouts have a purpose and focus. Try to find a friend to train with as you will carry each other in tough times. I find it really helpful as you have someone which will hold you accountable and is there with you through your journey.

In all my years of training clients, I feel that early morning workouts have the best adherence rate. It will generally take you a week or two to get into a routine, and once you’ve formed a habit, you’ll love it!

Nutrition is vitally important and I think winter times are generally a lot harder to focus on your nutrition and hydration. I would suggest finding a nice tasting herbal tea to help warm you up and keep your cravings at bay as opposed to snuggling up with a hot chocolate on those cold winter nights.

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